FAQs for Customers
What happens if I buy a gift card and that restaurant closes?
When you buy a gift card in your favourite restaurant or café, you are investing in the future of a business, and the financial welfare of the people who own and work in it. We hope that, by paying it forward in this way, we can save as many hospitality businesses as possible. If all goes well, you get to enjoy your investment, plus a little bit more, at your favourite restaurant when it reopens.

However, in the event that a restaurant is unable to reopen after you have bought credit, there is a strong possibility they also may not be able to refund you. In this case, your gift card essentially becomes a donation to help a business owner and their workers get through some of their immediate financial challenges.
How do I redeem my gift card?
Once you buy, you'll be emailed & texted a link to download the inKind app. You then simply enter your
bill amount at the end of your next visit and your account is charged.
Does the gift card expire?
The paid value never expires. The bonus value is valid for 3 years.
Can I share my credit?
Yes! You can share any amount of your credit with friends and family.
I want to buy a gift card for a restaurant or café in New Zealand – can I do that?
Absolutely! We are partnered with another fantastic not-for-profit initiative across the Tasman – SOS Business. It operates in an almost identical way to Save Hospitality, with the exception that you will receive your voucher via email rather than in the inKind app. SOS Business has hundreds of NZ small businesses signed up, and you can nominate additional ones, if the one you're looking for isn't there. You can also gift your credit to somebody else to use – handy if your favourite auntie lives in NZ. Visit sosbusiness.nz to get started.
FAQs for Restaurants
How does this work?
By signing up, you are agreeing to use our platform to offer digital gift cards to your customers. When a customer purchases a gift card, the funds will be sent directly to the bank account you connect via Stripe during the short on-boarding process.

As soon as a customer buys a gift card, they will be prompted to download the inKind Mobile App. The app will come pre-loaded with the customer's total gift card balance for them to redeem now or when you re-open for normal business. Customers can redeem for anything you offer (food, drinks, etc.).
Who can participate in this initiative?
The #SaveHospitality Initiative is open to any restaurant/bar/eatery across Australia. We're here to help every restaurant that needs it. This is a nonpartisan effort so everyone is welcome.
How do I get people to buy gift cards?
Please share the SaveHospitality.org link on your social media pages and other marketing channels so your customers can purchase gift cards. We will be doing publicity for the initiative as well but this is really about you engaging your local community.

The more you share the offer, the more money you'll be able to raise!

That being said, we know how busy you are so we've taken the time to create some sample marketing materials that you can use. We'll send you a dropbox folder with all of the samples as soon as you sign up!
Gift Cards
How do I issue the gift cards?
As soon as a customer buys a gift card, they'll get a text message and an email with a link to download the inKind App (it's a world-leading platform for purchasing and redeeming gift cards at hospitality venues. To date customers have used inKind to purchase a total of over $12.5m credit in their preferred venues).
How are the gift cards redeemed?
Customers can redeem their gift card via the inKind App with a few easy steps.
How do I add an "inKind" payment option to my POS?
Most POS systems make it easy to add a new payment option or tender type by navigating to the "settings" section of your system. If you cannot figure out how to add a new payment option please contact your POS support team.
How do I track how much I've sold?
Once you've completed on-boarding you can download the inKind Manager's App and sign in with your credentials. In the app you'll be able to track how much has been sold and create custom reporting so you can see just how much gift card credit has been sold and redeemed.

If you'd like additional support please email us at support@inkind.com and we'll be happy to assist you.
Can customers redeem a portion of their gift card?
Yup! Within the inKind App customers can redeem any portion of their account depending on how much their meal is that day. They can also gift any portion of their balance within the app.
Why should I give customers a bonus?
In order to get the most benefit from the #SavingHospitality initiative, it is crucial to provide an incentive to your customers. Without providing an incentive, it is unlikely that you will raise a substantial amount of money to help you navigate COVID-19.

That being said, in addition to the higher dollar bonus offers we will offer lower dollar standard gift cards that do not come with a bonus.

Here's an example:

Standard Gift Card Offers:
$10, $25, $50

Bonus Gift Card Offers:
Pay $100, Get $110 | Pay $250, Get $300 | Pay $500, Get $625
Are there any fees?
No, there is no fee to any restaurant to participate in the initiative. The restaurant gets 100% of the sale (less credit card fees). We get 0%. This is a philanthropic cause.
What about GST & Tax?
These gift cards are the same as traditional gift cards or vouchers so please account for them as you normally would. We recommend consulting your accountant or tax professional if you have further questions.
Have another question?
Shoot us a note at savehospitality@inkind.com
Check out our video library for other tips and tidbits.