Due to COVID-19, hundreds or thousands of employees are working from home. Now, corporations are looking for ways to feed their employees.
Join inKind+ to enable those employees to spend at your restaurant. It's totally free to get added to the network and open to any restaurant that is still serving to-go food.

Introducing: City-Wide Restaurant House Accounts
COVID-19 has hit businesses hard. Thus, we've created a city-wide account for corporates to buy and share with their employees so they can retain staff and give them dining credit to redeem at local restaurants.

Here's why this makes sense.

inKind has negotiated commitments from Google, Twitter, Marriott, and other large companies to buy large dollar amounts of dining credit to give to their employees so they can order food from local restaurants.

These customers will order takeout or delivery from you directly to support you. inKind will reimburse you for every dollar redeemed. There's no risk to you. We just want to help!

Here's why you are getting $0.75.

1) We sell dining credit to these corporations at a 10% discount.
2) 3% goes to Stripe to process the payment.

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Here's the list of participating venues on the inKind+ Network. We'll update this list daily to add new venues as they sign up.
Washington, DC
The Lucky Bee
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  • 100% (minus credit card fees) goes directly to you, the restaurant
  • We are waving our fees for 6 months - our partner SilverChef will be paying all costs associated with operating the program
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